Archways For Sporting Events

Sporting Event Entrance Archways

Sport stadiums are always looking for ways to advertise, guide patrons, create a safe environment, crowd control and offer a positive experience at events whether it be a sporting event, concert or trade show.

VersaTruss offers the means to meet all of these requirements. When it comes to guiding excited patrons, VersaTruss will build the perfect entrance archway that will offer the capability to guide large groups of people with a positive experience.

Our fabrication facility has the capability to build the largest of truss entranceways to meet any stadium requirement. Curved, angled, multi-dimensional, you name, we can build it.

We have fabricated thousands of entrance archways that have been installed on just about every continent. We have fabricated outside, inside and field / rink entrances, parking lot archways for signage and stands for door prizes for example cars.

The VersaTruss modular truss system can withstand harsh weather conditions with ease. High winds, freezing temperatures, scorching heat, sleet, hail and rain and still look amazing. Mounding custom signage and advertising banners is a snap. Security cameras and metal detectors can be hidden away out of sight of patrons and the truss archways by nature will guide eager onlookers to the proper locations.

Sponsors come and go yet the VersaTruss system will stand strong. New sponsor banners are easily incorporated into the existing truss system


Need a change, these large truss systems are manufactured using a combination of modular components and custom components, changing size or configuration is a simply as a phone call to VersaTruss

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The options are endless when you engage VersaTruss to build your custom Archway

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