Concrete Forming and VersaTruss

UFP Concrete Forming Systems has quickly become the go-to supplier for wood-based concrete forming systems, earning a reputation for doing what others can’t. Regardless of the job’s complexity, if it can be formed with wood, we can do it better than anyone. We supply lumber, plywood and other concrete forming products to any job, including… Continue Reading

VersaTruss Is Her To Help

The VersaTruss modular and custom display truss lines are one of the most versatile exhibit truss products on the market. Over and above its cosmetically appealing appearance, exceptional strength the truss itself can be used in laterally thousands of applications. Its inherent design can withstand the extreme weather conditions including rain, snow, ice, sleet, extreme… Continue Reading

VersaTruss 2018

For over thirty years VersaTruss has enjoyed a healthy solid growth in all areas of our business. From customer base to manufacturing capacity, we have sustained our market position by providing quality products at competitive prices and excellent customer support. Our success however would not be possible without the continued support of our customers new… Continue Reading

Why is VersaTruss one of the Leading Display Truss Manufacturers

VersaTruss has been manufacturing exhibit and display truss for more than three decades. Our customers have deployed our truss in just about every display venue possible. We have display truss on every continent and in just about every configuration imaginable. But the question still stands Why? Well the answer to this question is simple, we… Continue Reading

VersaTruss – Not Just Another Mirror Maze

For years Science North has been one of the most popular tourist and educational facilities in Norther Ontario. Adults and children alike venture to this amazing facility with many of their visitors being international. Science North features an IMAX theater, butterfly gallery, digital Planetarium, an infinite number of specialty displays throughout the year and Dynamic… Continue Reading

VersaTruss and the Pleasure Craft Industry

Summer has come and gone, but the boat show season is ramping up in anticipation of the upcoming boating season. Boat sales taper off in late August through to Dec but ramp up quickly in January each and every year. In anticipation of this wave of new sales, boat manufactures release their upcoming models late in… Continue Reading