Quality Display Truss that Stands the Test of Time

Choosing quality Display Truss is not as simple as you would think. If you are looking for a product that will look beautiful for years, withstand hundreds maybe thousands of assemblies then you need to understand the basics of display truss fabrication and basic material characteristics. There are many display and exhibit truss products on… Read more »

Why Use Modular Aluminum Truss for Trade Show Displays

Company branding and marketing expectations have changed drastically over the past decade. Today marketers want a simplistic, cost effective marketing solution that is not only resilient but must offer the capability to be modified or updated in a moment’s notice. Many things may have changed in the trade show business, however the one thing that… Read more »

Exhibit and Display Truss – The Simply Way

Exhibit truss displays and trade show booth displays are so easy when you use the modular display truss system manufactured by VersaTruss, the premier manufacturer of modular display truss products. Whether you need display truss, lighting truss, stage truss or exhibit truss, our display truss kits are preconfigured and ready to set-up right out of… Read more »

The Leading Manufacturer of Precision Exhibit and Display Truss

The Leading Manufacturer of Precision Exhibit and Display Truss

When it comes to exhibit and display truss, VersaTruss has been the leading purveyor of high quality economical modular and custom truss display systems for over three decades. With a long standing reputation of providing quality display truss at affordable prices VersaTruss takes pride in providing our customers with outstanding customer service. Dealing with VersaTruss… Read more »

Custom Trade Show Truss For Auto Shows

VersaTruss has been supplying exhibit and display truss to the car show, marine show and sports show industry for decades. Over and above the obvious advantages which include strength, modularity and cosmetic perfection of the VersaTruss system, VersaTruss system offers custom powder coating to create a custom look to their truss system. Powder Coating is… Read more »

What is the Best Trade Show Booth Style

The purpose of this article is to identify the main types of trade show display systems and identify their pros and cons. The four main types of display foundations are: Fabric Displays Tabletop Displays Collapsible Plastic / Aluminum Display Booths Modular Display Truss Booths Fabric Displays Fabric displays are typically based on a panelized design… Read more »

Trade Show Truss Specifications

The following charts represent the weight and span capabilities of the VersaTruss display and lighting truss product line. Using the tables below you will have the capability estimate the total weight of a truss trade show booth or lighting truss system manufactured from the VersaTruss modular truss system. All main  runs or cords are 2″… Read more »

How to Outperform the Big Guns at Trade Shows

Competing with the big guns in the trade show industry is not as hard as you think. But to be competitive you need to think big but on a small scale. The first and foremost mistake that newbies to the trade show industry make is they will purchase an exhibit footprint at a trade show… Read more »

Light Weight Modular Aluminum Lighting Truss

Illuminate your exhibit, concert or fashion show with light-weight aluminum modular or custom lighting truss from VersaTruss. Our modular lighting truss has been in service for over 30 years and has been used in applications from small retail requirements to museums, art galleries, concerts and fashion shows. The VersaTruss lighting truss system can be free… Read more »