We have all been to a trade shows, strolling down the aisles passing trade show booth after trade show booth that offer no excitement, no inspiration and worst of all obviously very little thought was put into the presentation of these booths. With so many boring booths at trade shows, its not hard to stand… Read more »

The Big Industry Show and VersaTruss

Shop owners, managers and purchasers from across the US flock to the BIG Industry Show held at the Miami Beach Convention Center on Aug. 22nd and 23rd to catch a glimpse of the latest and most innovative products hitting the market. This fantastic show features 2 days of solid business retail opportunities.  The BIG Industry… Read more »

VersaTruss Brings Excellence To The Promotional Table

When it comes to aluminum lightweight modular display truss, VersaTruss has always been one of the leading providers of this incredibly versatile product line. For over thirty years, yes three decades we have provided the trade show and exhibit industry modular display truss in every configuration imaginable. We have had the pleasure of partnering with… Read more »

VersaTruss Modular Truss Trade Show Booth System

  So you just received your truss trade show booth from VersaTruss. What now? Well we suggest unpacking all of the pieces, lay them out in an open area and review the instructions. You will instantly realize how easy it is to assemble one of our modular booths. Once you have assembled the booth for… Read more »

Metro T Mobile and VersaTruss

The Metro T Mobile customer base has more than doubled in the past 5 years for one reason and one reason only, it is by far the best value and best experience in the prepaid cell phone mobile category. Metro T Mobile was frustrated because literally millions of hard-working people were struggling to get by,… Read more »

Straight Talk Wireless Display Booth

After a brief discussion with promotional team at “Straight Talk Wireless” we as a team at VersaTruss new we could help. It all starts with a vision and with a nationwide collective of frustrated wireless customers on the horizon, Straight Talk Wireless was positioning themselves to provide a viable solution. Straight Talk Wireless was launched… Read more »

What are the Advantages of Using truss trade Show Booths

What are the Advantages of Using truss trade Show Booths Why use a Truss Trade Show Booth? Aluminum Truss tradeshow booths are exhibits that use an aluminum framework (the truss) to form a structurally sound  shell that holds your graphics, monitors, display cabinets, backdrops and other exhibit accessories for your trade show booth.  The truss… Read more »

Banner Stands and Pop Up Tents

In today’s competitive market banner stands and popup tents displaying logo’s etc  have become a standard at sporting events, colosseums, sport parks and concert halls alike. Many shopping centers now deploy this style of portable structure for special events, sales and information stands just to name  few alternate applications. The problem is that the standard… Read more »

Planet Fitness and Versatruss – Exhibit and Display Truss For Monitors

Planet Fitness has been a long-time customer of VersaTruss.  From overhead monitor mounts in some cases mounting upwards of 40 monitors per linear length of truss for patrons viewing pleasure in their treadmill and step areas to customized lighting highlighting specialized equipment to banner frames identifying specific areas and information signage. In any case the… Read more »