What Is The Difference Between Good and Great Display Truss

At VersaTruss we get asked what is the difference between good display truss and great display truss. This blog post will attempt to define what constitutes great, high quality display truss. Before we get into details, many manufactures use sub-standard raw materials. This may seem at first glance not to make a difference and to… Read more »

What’s in Store For VersaTruss in 2019

What’s in Store For VersaTruss in 2019 2018 came and went and to be honest it was another phenomenal year. Unlike other years, December is normally a slow month as clients are typically focused on Christmas preparations but 2018 was the exception to the rule. Large display booths and start / finish lines were the… Read more »

VersaTruss Leading the Pack at CannaCon

CannaCon is one of the world’s largest cannabis industry expo events of its kind. Just as forging into new enterprise may be fraught with unknowns, the shifting landscape of cannabis regulations may inspire anxiety. CannaCon will help you plan for contingencies and drive success through nuanced understanding of today’s most important issues, from cultivation and… Read more »

Comic Con and the VersaTruss Edge

VersaTruss Makes Science Fiction Seam Like Reality Comic-Con International came to be way back in 1970.  A creative group of comics, movie, and science fiction fans banded together to put on the very first comic book bash in California. Comic-Con started as a one-day event called San Diego’s Golden State Comic-Minicon, on March 21, 1970… Read more »

The Trade Show Misconception Mystery

The trade show industry is alive and well in North America but there is still a small group of people that think that exhibiting at trade shows is a waste of time, money and is way too expensive compared to the number of valid leads that are gained. Well today we are going to prove… Read more »

Best Practices for Your Trade Show Booth

A trade show is an event where buyers and sellers meet. Most buyers attending trade shows come with the intention of gaining information about new products and services. The problem can be that competitors are in very close vicinity, meaning you’re competing every minute for visitor attention. Research and careful planning go a long way… Read more »

Merry Christmas From VersaTruss

A VersaTruss Christmas Wish for YOU If we could wish a wish for you, it would be for peace, faith, and happiness not only at Christmas, but for the whole year through! We wish that there always be food on your table. That you always give to those less fortunate. May you always take time to… Read more »

Are Your Ready The CONEXPO

Are Your Ready? The CONEXPO – CON-AGG is north America’s largest construction trade show. It’s a massive must attend show the offers the latest cutting-edge construction equipment with over 2,800 exhibitors, over 150 educational sessions and encompasses a foot print that exceeds 2.5 million square feet. You won’t get far when you enter this show… Read more »

Why Add a Truss Trade Show Booth Too Your Company Branding Process?

Exhibit and display truss products are widely used throughout the tradeshow industry to highlight a company and their overall branding value. But for those with limited understanding and experience in the trade show industry, it’s important to understand the advantages of  truss display products / systems and the unique value they can bring to branding… Read more »