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2013 NFL entranceways

With the start of the NFL season, Versatruss teams up with the Miami Dolphins to create two additional entranceways for their stadium. These new entranceways will be used in conjunction with the two they currently have. These lightweight aluminum entranceways provide easy portability and can be located in most locations throughout the stadium. They offer… Read more »

Sophisticated entranceways and finish lines

Over the past few decades, there has been a growing demand for more sophisticated entranceways and finish lines. Sponsors and event planners are constantly looking for a practical user-friendly way to showcase the entrance to special events. The type of aluminum truss made by Versatruss allows for a lightweight structural way to achieve this. The… Read more »

It’s a kiosk kind of world

A trade show has several purposes for a company seeking success in any industry. But you have to get there first in order to benefit, and your product or service has to look good while doing it. Versatruss offers aluminum truss systems that are clean and attractive, helping your business look its best when on… Read more »

Tradeshow allure, courtesy of Versatruss

When was your last tradeshow? Did you have a trade booth? Did you have a lighting display truss? Trade shows are important for any company. It is a way to engage the public and possible customers on every level. Trade shows and, in particular, trade booths help create and sustain a brand. In today’s market,… Read more »

Versatruss is your source for aluminum truss systems

Versatruss=support The dictionary defines support as, “to bear the weight of, especially from below” or “to hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking, or slipping.” In many ways, a truss is a backbone, providing structure and support for the body and allowing it to perform specific movements.   Truss equals support. At… Read more »