Circular Truss and VersaTruss

At Versatruss, what other companies feel is a challenge or stretches their capabilities, VersaTruss is at home manufacturing any configuration of display or exhibit truss Circular Trussfor our customers.

Complex multi-directional angles are fabricated on a daily basis and are considered the norm in our manufacturing facility.

But what about curved or circular truss configurations?

VersaTruss is not just another pretty face. Under the roof of our manufacturing facility, we have the latest and greatest bending, forming and welding equipment. We can manufacture any size of radiuses to full circles.

If you are looking for curved exhibit truss, don’t trust this operation to just anyone. At VersaTruss you can rest assured that you will not only receive a precision crafted structure but it will be to the agreed upon specification and it will be fit checked before shipment guaranteeing that your product is of the highest quality possible.

At VersaTruss, getting it right the first time has been the cornerstone to our success for over 30 years. We have the experience and dedication to work with you through the design phase and then bring your vision to fruition or we will build to print, the choice is yours.

From the graphic to the lest you can see the capability of VersaTruss. This is curved top for an archway. This unique design provided an entryway to an amusement Curved-Display-Truss-1park. It was covered in a custom canvas and detailed signage was installed under the radius on both sides..

This type of overhead structure not only offers protection for incoming and exiting patrons but can withstand the test of time against harsh weather conditions. This style of radius can be fabricated from small configurations to expansive structures. The curve itself creates and extremely strong structure.

Our next example is a full truss circle manufactured out of quad or four cord display truss. This example consists of four Ciruclar Exhibit and Display Truss2” OD main runs or cords with .5 inch webbing. It has been formed from straight seamless tubing to create this elaborate circular structure that has been welded at the joining seams. This type of assembly has many applications. It can be used as a simple frame to the main overhead assembly of a trade show exhibit.



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