Concrete Forming and VersaTruss

UFP Concrete Forming Systems has quickly become the go-to supplier for wood-based concrete forming systems, earning a reputation for doing what others can’t. Regardless of the job’s complexity, if it can be formed with wood, we can do it better than anyone. We supply lumber, plywood and other concrete forming products to any job, including roads/bridges, concrete structures, water projects and the precast concrete industry.

Like UFP Concrete, VersaTruss shares the same values and confidence. For over three decades VersaTruss has been providing the most versatile display truss system in the world. If it is a display structure you are looking for that is fabricated from aluminum truss, then VersaTruss can build it, better and cheaper them most of their competitors with superior quality.

In this case, UFP Concrete Forming was looking for an overhead structure to support custom lighting for their recent exhibit. Using a four-pillar support system, the overhead truss assembly is simply mounted and secured to the pillars creating the perfect perimeter structure to show off their products.

Assembling this structure is as simple as 1,2,3 due to its modular design and lightweight. All the components of this structure simply slide together and are locked in with quick lock pins. Each length of the tri truss weighs in under 20 pounds yet provides exceptional strength.

VersaTruss manufactures three main patent truss configurations. Ladder Truss, Tri Truss and Box Truss. Depending on the weight and span requirements the VersaTruss exhibit and display truss system will meet or exceed your expectations and requirements.

When it comes to Exhibit and Display Truss, nobody does it better than VersaTruss

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