Display Truss for Boat Shows

VersaTruss enjoys an ever growing customer base that apply our modular display truss product lines in a multitude of creative applications in addition to traditional trade show booths and exhibits.

One such industry that relies heavily on the VersaTruss product line is the marine sector. In this marketplace, there is no such thing as a small trade show. Due to the nature of the product line, large footprints are required to house a multitude of competing companies with their products and services.

Due to product size and a multiple of model offerings this sector has unique requirements when it comes to exhibit structures and displays.

Defined boundaries are crucial to competing manufactures and dealers alike at marine trade shows. Products need to be housed under one roof and this alone can be challenging. Imagine the potential difficulties of creating a welcoming exhibit for 10 or more yachts ranging from 30’ to 60’ or larger at a trade show and taking into account that every year the models will likely be different in size.

Proper lighting especially with the latest trends of high definition graphics and intense colored gel coats presents its own set of complications. One light improperly placed can completely change the perception of a color or design. Further not only is the challenge related to color coordination, but it needs to be pleasing to potential clients.

Signage is another key concern at marine and boat shows indoors or out. The bigger and higher, the better. No matter how you slice it, signage is key and must be visible from a distance. Many manufactures and dealers combine overhead signage with custom lighting applications.

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Finally the bigger and more expensive the boat, the more elaborate the exhibit must be. The surroundings must take into consideration the level of product offering and must be in total harmony to be successful.

This is where the VersaTruss aluminum modular truss product line comes into play. Aluminum truss structures do not create an illusion of boundaries, the truss is the boundary. There is no room for potential product identity crisis from cloudy boundaries when display truss structuring is applied.

Lighting is another strong point when display truss is engaged at marine shows. Lighting can not only be placed anywhere within the confines of the truss structure but beyond the outer boundaries by adding extendable lighting necks to create strategic focus points and shadows for the perfect atmosphere.

Finally size is of no concern when it comes to the display footprint. Need more room, add more components, need a smaller footprint, simply remove components. It’s truly that simple.

In addition, many of our customers use their truss structures at retail locations between shows to highlight products and premiums sale offerings.

As you can see, aluminum display truss is by far the most economical, versatile and creative means to create the perfect exhibit for larger products and display items.


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