For the small business owner looking to expand their public exposure

For the small business owner looking to expand their public exposure, a 10 x 10’ truss trade show booth is the perfect solution.

These simple kits look great come complete with all the required hardware and virtually can be shipped the same day they are ordered.

What could be easier then ordering your brand-new trade show booth today, set it up in minutes, add some accessories and you are good to go. Your business is now well represented in a professional manner.

But the advantages of these beautiful structures does no stop when the trade show is over. Many of our customers take these lightweight structures back to their showroom and set them up as centerpieces, creating an environment inside an environment. Your Trade show exhibit can be anything you want it to be.

These beautiful structures can be used to create a separate sitting area within your retail environment. No need for brick and mortar walls and it can be moved at any given time.  Other retailer use these truss to display monitors for example in there stores then take the exact same structure to trade shows to exhibit their products.

What could be easier and more cost effective than adding a truss trade show exhibit boot to your promotional arsenal.


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