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At VersaTruss, not a week goes by that we don’t get a call from a customer who is disappointed in their display and looking for an alternative. Popup displays for example offer a quick solution that looks great for a short period of time but they start to show wear and tear quickly and don’t offer any future growth potential. This style of display is basically static.

Portable Truss Trade Show Booths ModularBanner stands again are a quick solution that offer color variation however they are typically one dimensional and lack depth. In addition they are not conducive to product layouts.

The VersaTruss modular truss trade show booth system solves all of these issues at an affordable price. Imagine having the ability to purchase a small 10×10 trade show booth for example and set it up to meet your desired need for your first trade show. After the show you realize that graphics were not in the right place, monitors were too far forward, backward or at the wrong height and products were not displayed in the proper manner. All of these concerns are easily corrected simply by moving them. Our modular truss system lends itself to change without concern. Now what if you decide you need a larger footprint for your exhibit, again no problem, your 10×10 truss trade show booth can easily be increased or decreased in size for that matter simply by adding or removing components as required.

Assembly of our modular truss display system is as simple as 1, 2, and 3. Each booth comes with all of the required hardware and components to build your desired structure. A standard 10×10 truss exhibit booth can easily be assembled by one person in 10 minutes. We also carry optional shot pins to further speed up and simplify the assembly process.

When it comes to value for your dollar, the VersaTruss modular truss system can’t be beat. All of our truss products are manufactured in our North American facility from high quality structural aluminum giving you a high quality North American made product. Each and every component is carefully fabricated to perfection with a great deal of attention paid to cosmetic appeal giving you a trade show booth that will last for decades.

With all of these advantages, don’t you think it’s time to give VersaTruss a call?


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