Good to Great Truss Trade Show Booths

When it comes time to purchase your aluminum truss trade show booth, is there a difference between products? Well yes, there are many differences.

The first and foremost consideration is cost. Quality manufactured truss costs slightly more; however the cost is negligible when you consider the difference in quality. For the most part a high quality 10 x 10 truss trade show booth will cost in the neighborhood of $100 more than a cheaper offshore product but there are very good reasons for this.

When manufacturing exhibitor truss, there is a considerable cost invested the welding, it does not matter where the truss is manufactured it still requires the same amount of welding. However the welds tend to have splatter marks and voids that cause structural weaknesses and stresses that will in time fail where as North Amercian made truss applies precision welding techniques for a smooth precision appearance..

So there is a difference in quality in the welding, but there is more, typically cheaper truss is manufactured from 2” (50mm) tubing with a wall thickness of .031” – (.078mm) where as quality truss is manufactured from from 2” (50mm) structural aluminum tubing with a wall thickness of .065”- (1.6 mm). The difference in wall thickness not only creates as display booth that can withstand the weight of large flat panels and other accessories without concern, but if you happen to drop one of the cheaper components, you can be assured it will be damaged and no longer assemble properly, whereas the quality truss is considerably more robust and resilient to harsh treatment.

In addition the cheaper aluminum components will not hold their beautiful luster nearly as long as a quality component manufactured from structural aluminum.

VersaTruss has been manufacturing quality Aluminum Truss Trade Show Booths for over three decades at competitive prices. The VersaTruss model allows customers to actually contact their sales department which is co-located under the roof of the manufacturing facility. This eliminates the middle man with no product markups allowing VersaTruss to sell their high quality truss products at extremely competitive process.

Every main component is fabricated from 2” (50mm) x.065”- (1.6 mm) wall thickness structural aluminum tubing. After each component is fabricated, it goes through a visual check insuring cosmetic perfection as well as a fit check which is achieved using inspection tooling and jigs and finally a full up assembly check before it is carefully packaged for shipping.

When it comes to Aluminum Truss trade Show Booths, look no further than VersaTruss. 

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