Modular Truss Trade Show Booths for Long-Term Success

Every day the team at VersaTruss receives calls requesting information on our modular truss product line.  So many exhibitors have been caught in the trade show trap by purchasing singular displays that are static. In other words, they do not support growth or design flexibility.

Especially for new entrance level companies, this can be an expensive mistake. The initial cost of a static display is comparable to an aluminum truss display however the simplicity of a pre-made graphic structure is attractive and the trap is set.

As the company grows in size, so does demand on their display. Enlarging a static display is very difficult and costly.

For the lucky exhibitors that created their display from modular aluminum truss, the task is as simple as a phone call. Expanding the standard 10 x 10 trade show booth into a 10 x 20 or larger is an effortless task of simply incorporating a few extra modular truss components. All of the existing components are used and with the addition of a few modular components the outcome is infinite limited only by your imagination.


In addition, creating a customized trade show booth is easily accomplished by working with the VersaTruss team and incorporating customized components into your existing modular structure.

When you use the VersaTruss display truss system, growth, customization and design flexibility is the name of the game. Your exhibit has been created in a manner that will not only meet but will exceed your present day requirements and will support your needs for years to come.


When it comes to Aluminum Truss trade Show Booths, look no further than VersaTruss. 

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