North American Truss Trade Show Booths


VersaTruss has been offering there modular and custom exhibit and display truss product line now for over 3 decades.

Versatruss offers a lightweight, structural, modular aluminum truss solution. Its portability and durability make Versatruss ideal for tradeshow booths, exhibits, displays, and many lighting and staging applications.

We offer two main sizes of truss with three configurations within each category.

2 (50 mm) OD X .065 (1.6 mm) WALL WITH 1/2 (12.7 mm) WEBBING

Available in:

  •  Ladder
  •  Triangular
  •  Box Truss

1 (25 mm) OD X .079 (2 mm) WALL WITH 5/6 (8 mm) WEBBING

Available in:

  •  Ladder
  •  Triangular
  •  Box Truss

However, did you know that all of the VersaTruss product line is manufactured under the roof of their North American manufacturing facility and further did you know that only North American made raw materials are used to create all of their products right down to the nuts, bolts and locking pins.

With all this said when you purchase any product from VersaTruss you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality manufactured truss components proudly using North American craftsmanship. Each and every component must go through numerous inspections and fit checks before it is released to our shipping department where each component is individually and carefully wrapped insuring the products arrive safely.

At VersaTruss, we believe that keeping jobs at home is important. We believe that the more we produce in North America, the stronger our economy will be. Keeping jogs at home is critical to keeping our economy and our population employed.

Six reasons to Purchase North American Made Products

  • The economy – When we buy North American, we directly impact our economy in positive ways.
  • Health & Safety  When we buy North American, we know that the products have met critical health & safety standards.
  • The environment When we buy North American, we are reducing our carbon footprint, as products made closer to home require much less transportation.
  • Labour standards – When we buy North American, we can rest assured that the people who make the products are treated fairly, working in safe & sanitary conditions.
  • Community – When we buy North American, we are contributing to the enrichment of our communities. It systematically makes us a part of something greater than ourselves and our immediate (material) needs.
  • Patriotism –Love of Country shouldn’t stop at flying a flag.


VersaTruss – North American Made -North American Strong


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