Prices for Modular Aluminum Truss Systems

VersaTruss Quality Products

When you are looking for aluminum truss systems, turn to Versatruss.  We have quality products at the right price.  When you consider the cost of your modular aluminum truss systems, you have to keep value in mind.  Quality products are worth more than the sum of their parts.

Begin With Lighting

Tradeshow exhibit truss lighting is a great place to start when you are planning your tradeshow presentation.  Lighting trusses set the stage for your tradeshow presentation.  You have no doubt seen displays with insufficient or just bad lighting.  They can be ineffective, unattractive, and in severely bad lighting can just look dirty.

The best trade show displays incorporate effective lighting.  You may be able to purchase cheap lighting trusses that light up your display somewhat but that are clearly not doing the job as well as other truss systems could.  As Versatruss products could.  A lower price does not always mean a better value especially when you are talking about the difference between a tradeshow display that is poorly lit and one that shines.

Portable Displays

If you are going to be showing off your display at a number of different tradeshows then it had better be portable.  You do not want to have to struggle to move your display from one tradeshow to the next and then have to struggle to put it together each time.  A truss system that makes life harder on you is not a good value.

Versatruss systems are highly portable.  They are lightweight, which is one benefit that you will appreciate if you have even had to transport a display that was not.  These truss systems are easy to put together too.  A modular truss display that is easy to set up is worth its weight in gold for anyone who lives on the tradeshow circuit and this is one more reason why Versatruss products are such a great value.

The Actual Price

Clearly, whatever truss design you choose from Versatruss you will be getting something special.  For tradeshow exhibits, booths, and truss kiosks Versatruss products have a value that comes from their quality and usability.  But these products come at great prices too so you get affordability along with all the benefits of having well-made Versatruss systems.

Versatruss products give you top quality for a great price.  More than that, they give you a product with value that surpasses expectations.  Versatruss products are definitely worth more than the sum of their parts.