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Truss Tradeshow Displays offer a stylish, eye-catching, dynamic means for companies to offer their products and services to the public in a cost effective yet exceptionally professionally appealing manner. Truss displays are designed to be integrated within a broad range of display set-ups. Exceptional results from trade show campaigns now depend on utilizing high-tech systems that compel interest in the company. Truss displays offer companies numerous promotional advantages and easy accessory implementation including:

  • Graphics
  • Shelving
  • Display cases
  • Pegboard
  • LCD Monitors
  • Sound systems
  • Lighting

Businesses can build their truss displays to meet any unique promotional requirement. Whether a circular, curved or straight set-up is desired, truss displays offer the ideal format for a cutting-edge exhibit. Another unique benefit is that truss displays are designed for effective integration within other display systems, including pop-ups, panel displays and custom trade show displays. This means that, for a range of future events, truss displays represent true aesthetic flexibility.


When purchasing a truss trade show booth, buyers need to be aware that not all truss is equal.  Some truss manufacturers today are using resins and plastics along with very thin tubing frameworks that may have very little, if any, weight bearing (load bearing) capabilities.  These types of truss systems are often called “decorative truss” since they don’t have the capability to hold shelving, monitors, etc.

Truss Displays are infinitely flexible in their configuration since a display is pieced together from a series of standard “off the shelf” components.  This lego like design makes them extremely flexible in that you can buy a 10 x 10 truss display and then buy additional truss components if your needs grow to 10 x 20 display, or if you attend multiple shows per year with different size and layout requirements at each show.

VersaTruss display trussing systems are sold worldwide as one of the leading products on the market. Typical features of our products such as variability, lightness, flexibility, user friendliness and cost effectiveness are the basic attributes that a good aluminium display truss should have. VersaTruss proudly supplies the market with products which go beyond these standard qualities. Our high-quality structural aluminum tubing together with strictly checked welding processes, careful testing and high-standard packing are the attributes that have allowed VersaTruss to be one of the leading display truss manufactures and distributors for over 30 years.


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