The Trade Show Misconception Mystery

The trade show industry is alive and well in North America but there is still a small group of people that think that exhibiting at trade shows is a waste of time, money and is way too expensive compared to the number of valid leads that are gained.

Well today we are going to prove this small group of people wrong with the facts: Were going to address some of the more common mis-conceptions or myths about the trade show industry

Trade Show Attendance Is Dropping.:

Well if that is what you want to believe than so be it. But here are the facts. In the US alone, there are more than 14,000 trade shows every year and growing. Statistics from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research prove that the increase in attendance before 2007 was slowly creeping up year after year however since the middle of 2007 when the economy started to improve, trade show attendance has grown substantially year after year.

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, they have seen the highest increase in growth for the industry since the second quarter of 2007. People continue to attend trade shows and although the numbers fluctuate a bit, there has still been a consistent rate of growth.

I Get My Clients Online “Who needs Trade Shows”

Yes again, you can get your clients online and should incorporate this activity in your overall promotional strategy, but a trade show offers the opportunity to put a face to the company name, add a human side and most important gets your branding and logo in front of the public’s eye……hands on. Instantly you see hundreds of potential clients with no delay in response, you can feel out potential clients and learn their needs and frustrations first hand. Statistics show that  “54 percent of sales initiated from an exhibition lead require fewer sales calls to close.

The People That Attend Trade Shows Are Not The People I Want To Meet

Yikes….If that’s what you think then why would they attend. If a person does not have an interest, they are surly not going to go, I know I am not going to a trade show that does not interest or benefit me in some way shape or form. People assume that those attending trade shows are either new to the show topic industry with little to know experience and do not have the power or authority to make the necessary decisions. Again, were not seeing that in the statistics, 46% of trade show attendees are in executive roles or upper management positions.

Trade Shows Are To Expensive

OK you got me, it costs money to create your display and rent your show footprint but wait a minute.. do the numbers, the average cost to identify a potential lead at a trade show is under $100. The cost to get the same lead through other means is over $400.

Save money by choosing local trade shows and analyzing carefully which type of audience the trade show is trying to reach, this way you’ll only attend trade shows that you believe are going to bring you a positive return on investment.


We don’t Sell Anything At Trade Shows

Yes, at a Trade Show most people are there to look not buy, the trick is to get people interested so when they leave the trade show, they are ready to purchase and recognize your products or services.

Again, according to statistics, just under 50% buy exhibited products or services at trade shows.

Trade Shows Are A Lingering Leftover from the Past.

As much as the internet, cell phones and social media platforms are growing so is in person networking. Most people purchase online these days so let’s look at Christmas Shopping for example. You want to purchase that special something for that special someone, you are more likely to purchase something you have seen and touched in real life. Where did you see it, at that trade show you attended last summer of course?

There is a lot of value in being able to meet face to face with your clients, and that’s something that hasn’t and won’t go out of fashion. You can use social media and your online presence to add to your trade show marketing plan, after all, they go hand in hand. Trade Shows are traditional, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t work!

As you can see, Trade Shows are more important then ever. They offer the opportunity to step out ahead of your completions. Don’t miss out on the multi-billion-dollar industry


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