Superior Display Truss Structures

The Ultimate Display Structure for your Trade Show Booth

When it comes time to setting up your first trade show booth, the ultimate structure is the modular truss trade show booth especially for someone entering into the trade show display business.

Creating your exhibit structure around a display truss foundation allows you complete flexibility in your design and accessories.

Starting with a modular truss trade show booth takes all of the guess work out of the initial setup. You have a sound foundation in which create your vision.

This allows many entrance level companies the flexibility to create an exceptional trade show booth within a tight budget yet have a foundation that will last for years and is easily increased in size as your business needs grow.

For the beginner or entrance level company, 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 modular truss booths are the most popular and are available in both three and four cord truss configurations.

Our modular truss booths are fabricated to fit exactly on the standard footprint of any trade show exhibit eliminating the potential confusion of over or under size structures. All of our truss components are Vegas approved and ready for display at any convention, expo or trade show.

Why Do So Many Companies Choose VersaTruss Modular Truss Structures

The reasons for the extreme popularity of the VersaTruss  aluminum display truss system at trade shows are exhaustive however we have captured the main points below.

  • Truss provides a cost effect display solution.
  • Modular in design.
  • Cosmetically appealing.
  • Infinitely flexible.
  • Trade show booth can easily be increased in size at any time.
  • Lightweight easy to handle.
  • Assembles quickly and easily.
  • Extremely resilient to harsh conditions.
  • Portable.
  • Easily accessorized with signage, banners, lighting, monitors and more.
  • Lasts a lifetime.
  • Will hold its beautiful luster.

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