Three Reasons Why You Need A Truss Trade Show Booth

Modular Truss Display-Booth-ProductsModular Truss Display products are now used extensively throughout the trade show and exhibit industry to feature a company and their branding value. But for companies that are new or have had limited involvement and knowledge of the trade show industry, it’s important to learn more on truss display systems and the unique value they can bring to branding campaigns. Keeping this mind, lets explore the three major reasons why the modular truss trade show booth excels in this exciting industry.

Truss Trade Show Booths Offer Flexibility

Truss display booths can be optimized in unique configurations for each event. Depending on the size and style of the booth, many structures can be reduced in size simply by removing components, for example, a 10 x20 can become 1 10 x 10 providing your company with unique branding value at each venue. This can be important in reaching out to specific subsections of your target audiences and helps prevent your display from becoming static.

What About After the Show

Many of our customers not only use their display booth at trade shows but many use them in their stores to display merchandise as in the retail industry or displaying new products in front foyers of design companies. This adds more value to your investment as it ensures the display is being used around the year and not just at planned events. Using the truss display at the store will mean your team becomes more adept at creating a lasting impression with the system.

Portability Is the Name of The Game

For those business events that take you across the country or around the globe, it’s important you work with portable displays. Truss systems are among the most portable display options within the marketplace because the system can be broken down into smaller pieces, supporting companies in reaching audiences throughout local, national and international events.

By learning more about the full range of display options available, you can empower your trade show campaigns and reach your marketing objectives.

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