Trade Show Booths With Endless Options

To understand the capabilities of VersaTruss, you would have to really dig deep and let your imagination run free. For the company looking to create a simple square or rectangular trade show booth the questions are limited to size and truss style.

But what about companies that are ready to raise the bar? What are the options? How do I go about designing a booth? Just how creative can I be?

Well to be honest, VersaTruss can manufacture just about any truss style that your imagination could dream up and probably more. At VersaTruss, we are not your average truss company. We love challenges.

If you take a quick look at the table below, you can see numerous examples of trade show booths that we manufacture on a daily basis. Upon a closer look, you can see many different standard configurations that believe it or not are for the most part modular by design. However in many cases intricate angles, curves, circles etc have been incorporated into these designs.

For the designer looking to create something truly magnificent, and majestic in the public’s eye, incorporating one or more of the attributes shown below is a simple task. We can stack, hang, curve, twist and span our truss into any configuration under the sun

Our designers will help you through the design process to create your vision or we can build to print. In any case VersaTruss will walk you through the process from start to finish.

When you receive your new truss trade show booth, you will notice how carefully it has been packaged. All of the hardware to assemble your booth will be included with simple to follow instructions plus plus your original rendering of your design.

How will you know that everything is included and will fit together? VersaTruss will NOT ship any product out of our facility until it is 100% fully inspected. The final inspection includes not only a visual check, but every trade show booth we manufacture is fully assembled and disassembled before it is released to shipping. Using this method ensures that your trade show booth will not only come with all of the required components but passes a stringent user friendly checklist. This guarantees that you, our customer will have a positive experience each and every time you use our products and services.

Creating a positive customer experience has been the corner stone to our thirty (30) plus years in business.

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