Trade Show Dos and Don’ts

Trade Show Dos

Prepare A Professional-Looking Display

Know exactly what you want to accomplish

Get the best spot on the floor you can afford

Smile, wear a name tag

Refer to booth visitors by name if possible

Have Sufficient Literature Ready To Hand Out

Have Plenty of Business Cards Available

Set Up a Show Page on Your Website

Have A Giveaway Or Gimmick

Run a Contest

Ask Visitors to Sign Up for Your Email List

Take plenty of notes

Train Booth Personnel

Do Pre-Show Promotions

Prepare 3-6 engaging questions before the show

Create the right first impression

Encourage visitors to want to spend time with you

Be friendly and non-threatening

Build rapport

Ask questions that stimulate thought and encourage conversation

Ask open-ended questions – beginning with who, what, where, when, why or how

Relate questions to the industry, product/service and its benefits, or to a specific situation

Avoid trite questions, such as: “Can I help you?” ; “How are you doing today?”; “Are you enjoying the show?”

Get as many contacts as you can

Follow up!

Trade Show Don’ts

Sit, read, smoke, eat or drink in the booth

Ignore prospects by forming a cozy cluster and chatting with colleagues

Start a conversation without finding out who you’re talking to

Use inside lingo or terminology that prospects may not understand

Use the (booth) telephone while visitors are around

Leave the booth unattended or leave without informing colleagues

Be late for booth duty

Close off conversation by crossing your arms

Stand with your back to the aisle

Say “Can I help you?”

Lean on booth furniture

Drink alcohol or eat garlicky or spicy foods during the day

Use inappropriate language, complain about the show or about being at the show

Wear new shoes or high heels

Badmouth your competitors

Let the booth get cluttered, untidy, and unorganized. Be unprofessional


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