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When you think of a trade show from an exhibitor point of view, there are so many options on the market today yet one always stands out above the rest and that is display truss or commonly called exhibit truss. You would be hard pressed to find a trade show or conference that does not have some sort of truss structure embedded within the confines of the show that is not crafted from display truss. It may simply be the exit or archway, or it could be an elaborate venue of truss structures standing majestically side by side all displaying products or services and branding companies to the extreme.

Here is another fact that many junior exhibitors don’t know yet experienced exhibitors find out quickly. Pop-up exhibits, plastic displays and fibrous presentations cost a great deal of money, look great but don’t last. Further these display mediums are not in any way shape or form user friendly in the sense that you can’t change them. You are literally stuck with what yo uhave. Your display is frozen in time while your business is growing and thriving and then suddenly you realize that your display is no where near the level of your company.

These are just some of the reasons why experienced exhibitors will use nothing other than display truss. Starting out with a simple 10 x 10 truss exhibit is the best investment that smart entrepreneur can make. This basic foundation will provide a lifetime of use, it can be increased in size, changed in appearance, re accessorize on the fly and graphics are typically cheap and quick to acquire. Its no wonder why so many companies take advantage of the VersaTruss product line.

Don’t make the mistake and purchase anything short of a display truss exhibit. It will be the best investment you will ever make for you and your company

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