Understanding Modular Exhibit and Display Truss

For the novice business person wanting to show off their products at trade shows, the idea of purchasing a truss trade show booth can be overwhelming. What does modular really mean when it comes to trade show booths.

Below is a design of the standard VersaTruss 10×20 truss trade show booth. The beauty of a 10 x 20 trade show booth is that it can easily become a 10×10 with the existing parts.

First let’s take a closer look at the 10 x 20 below.

This design consists of our four cord 10” truss configuration. There is also a three cord configuration for booths that require less strength.

Three Cord Display Truss

Four Cord Display Truss

From bottom to top, the black squares on the bottom of the diagram are the feet or base plates. They slide easily into the uprights and are either bolted  in place or locked in place with quick fit pins. The base plates are required to add stability to the booth and add a finishing touch to the overall appearance. Note all of these components are sold with each kit including appropriate hardware.

Next we have the uprights. The uprights are manufactured from 2″ aircraft aluminum with .5″ webbing welded in between each cord. The webbing is required to hold the uprights in place as well to add strength to the assembly. Each of these uprights ways less than 50 pounds which makes them easy to handle for assembly and disassembly purposes.

The next item marked in brown is the three way corner connector. The corner connector is a again a welded assembly that has 2” main cords and .5” webbing. These corners allow for easy assembly and are the cornerstone to the strength of the unit once it is fully erected. Each fitting is manufactured under the tightest standards in the industry to allow for a non-friction fit.

The top cross members marked in green and yellow are of the same design as the uprights. Each play a critical part in the total assembly.

The four way connector marked in red allows for the three cross members to be coupled with the center back leg. The center back leg is not necessarily required depending on the application. With this said however the center leg does add strength and offers the opportunity for accessories like monitors to be mounded in the center of the booth.


Finally marked in white is the three way 180 degree connector which allows the main side cross members “yellow” to be connected to the center member “green” At this point the assembly is complete and is extremely rigid to the point if anchored correctly to the ground it can withstand extremely harsh wind conditions if used outside.


As mentioned earlier, one of the nice features of a 20×20 both is it can easily become a 10×10 simply by removing the red and white center connectors, one green cross member and two yellow cross members and attaching the brown connectors into the yellow cross members and you are done.

Final Notes: The beauty of modular display truss systems is that the components never get obsoleted. Once you have a booth, changing the configuration or size of the footprint is as simple as adding components. Curves, complex angles etc. can easily be added to the existing booth and create something total different in booth size and appearance.


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