VersaTruss and Studio GH – Making Things Beautiful

Decorative aluminum trussDecorative aluminum truss

The market for commercial and residential art continues to grow as does the need for new options to display beautiful creations.

Studio GH in Natick Massachusetts is no exception. Owned by Michele Gutlove, Studio GH is famous for their wide variety of exclusive ornamental custom glass pieces. When molten glass is cooled, it transitions from flowing incandescence to a transparent solid form in a multitude of colors. The finished product blends and interplays with the reflections, refractions, and shadows to create a mirage of unmatched decorative splendour on surrounding walls, floors and ceilings.

Three years ago, Michele approached VersaTruss with a vision. She was looking for a clean, modern, attractive structure to display a wide variety of her ornamental glass pieces.

When the aluminum truss is combined with the glass ornaments, the finished product offers a combination of stability and magnificent beauty. The lightweight aluminum truss compliments the glass displays and adds further impact to the exhibit.

The aluminum truss has clean lines and can be manufactured in any shape or form allowing these beautiful ornamental structures to be safely mounted in just about any location. The flexibility of the truss including straight lines, complex curves and angles allows Michele and VersaTruss the freedom to create their masterpieces exactly as envisioned in perfect harmony.

To date VersaTruss and Studio GH have partnered on a total of six magnificent displays that are located at:


  1. Florida Gulf Coast University in Lee County Florida
  2. Gainesville Regional Utilities in Gainesville, Florida
  3. Lauderhill City Hall in Lauderhill Florida
  4. Building Lobby in Cedar Rapids Iowa
  5. Algiers Regional Library in New Orleans Louisiana
  6. College of Public Health (Cunz Hall) in Columbus Ohio


VersaTruss is proud to be a partner with Studio GH and looks forward to future projects in the field of modern art.

 VersaTruss has been in the aluminum exhibit truss business for over 30 years. Their products were once exclusively used for trade shows and commercial exhibits, however the versatility, strength and light weight of their products has allowed them evolve into many other fields including modern art, the fashion industry and residential applications.

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Decorative aluminum truss