VersaTruss at the Center of Things at Homestead Miami Speedway

VersaTruss has a long history supporting the National and International auto racing sport on all fronts. From building structures for timing lights in the drag race industry to winner podiums, tents and entrance archways for the Formula / NASCAR series and everything in between.

Lets take a look at a relatively new project that VersaTruss has completed and delivered.

For example, VersaTruss created the archway at the Dover-International-Speedway then were further  honored to create the first ever Drone raceway at Dover.

Way back in 1992, after Hurricane Andrew left a trail of massive destruction through Miami Florida. It was then and there that it was decided that a new Speedway would help revitalize the region. In Aug. 1994, the ground was broken to start construction of the 484-acre property which is now known as the Homestead Miami Speedway. Since its conception, the track has grown in size and had many updates including a new entrance manufactured by VersaTruss.

With the high level of visitor traffic, four lanes in and four lanes out, it was decided that a central divider was required to not only separate the inbound and outbound lanes but also to promote the track  and its many sponsors.

The attached photo captures the beauty of the Aluminum Truss product line manufactured by VersaTruss. You will notice that this structured not lonely uses the truss to support banners, but the truss itself is used the bring the picture together in to a modern looking   assembly. You will notice he the center frame houses the banner then a second outlying frame has been used to draw attention to the banner. The flags on the top and upper sides add the finishing touches.




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