VersaTruss Deploys Display Truss in the Car Wash Industry.

On a regular basis the designers at VersaTruss see applications in a widespread industry base for the Versatruss exhibit and display truss system. In this case the article is based upon a unique application that involves the automatic carwash industry but likely not where you would think the application would apply. In most cases when it comes to car washes and truss applications you would likely think of the overhead archway that most carwashes have adopted for lighting, signage and controls at the entrance and exits of the carwash and yes VersaTruss has manufactured hundreds of these archway configurations. In this case however, a young engineer came up with a new application for car washes.

When you think car wash, you probably have not given a great deal of thought to all of the safety features that must be in place and operational as each vehicle enters the car wash. For example, all automatic car washes will see a multitude of sizes and shapes of vehicles on any give day from the smallest smart car to the largest extended cab pickup truck. To keep the carwash efficient, ensuring all vehicles are washed to the same specification, the distance from the spray nozzles to the each and every vehicle surface must be consistent.


To achieve this, sensors are placed within the carwash itself that basically take the outer dimensions of each vehicle and adjust the distance of the spray nozzles for the vehicle in question, in addition these sensors ensure that no moving part within the car wash will come in contact with the vehicle.

VersaTruss has been contracted to build a large number of permanent truss frames that will allow for easy mounting and aiming of the sensors including all of the required hardware that goes with the sensor kits. The VersaTruss modular truss system is the perfect solution for this application. Over and above it’s both modular and custom dimensional capabilities, its inherent resilience to harsh conditions including continuous exposure to water, soap, solvents, waxes and of course wind from the blowers makes it the perfect solution for this industrial requirement.

The VersaTruss Modular Exhibit / Display Truss System offers an economical solution not only to the trade show industry but also solves needs within a wide spread filed of industrial and retail applications.


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