VersaTruss Display Truss in the Sporting Event World

VersaTruss Display Truss in the Sporting Event World

Miami-Dolphins-Playing-Field-Entrance-Versa-Truss-SmallIn the ever-changing world of sports and their home stadiums, the race is on to be the biggest, the best, with the highest level of technology available and of course exciting to the eye. These enormous structures must be designed and built to not only provide continuous entertainment throughout an event but in a safe manner ensuring crowds are kept under control and seamlessly guided to and from their seats, washrooms, kiosks and most importantly exits.

The value of aluminum light weight display truss has proven to be a priceless addition to these magnificent buildings on every level.

For years display truss has been used for crowd control within the confines of pubic event stadiums. Large archways are used at entrances and exits clearly identifying the way forward for wanting patrons, further these same archways increase funding from large corperations by allowing for direct visual contact for sponsor banners ads that receive direct eye contract from every patron in the stadium.

Display truss control fencing and guide structures increase the flow of large crowds efficiently by creating an effective yet attractive means that is non-intrusive to guide crowds to where they need to be.

Security in these large stadiums is now mandatory and at its highest level ever seem in American history.  Keeping the general population safe is   compulsory on all fronts and again, display truss structures lend themselves to this environment with ease. Aluminum truss is used to funnel patrons through pre-determined checkpoints for security scanning and ticket control, but more importantly these same truss structures can have highly specified security equipment strategically placed to oversee the public as they enter and move within the confines of the stadium ensuring everyone’s safety.

NFL Football-Stadium-Playing-Field-Estrances

Fast forward to present day stadiums and display truss has now taken on a whole new life. Aluminum display truss offers designers the flexibility to create complex playing field and arena team entrances that fulfill even the most flamboyant of designs. Complex shapes can easily be crafted to blend into the surrounding environment to create an exciting show for the crowds. From laser lights and banners to smoke machines, sound systems and even pyrotechnics all have a place when display truss is applied to these exciting designs.

Stay tuned for the next stadium to be supported by VersaTruss in mid September 2017. Its going to be an amazing display of the true value of display truss in the sporting event realm.

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