VersaTruss Display Truss – Not Just another Pretty Face in Industry

VersaTruss Display Truss – Not Just Another Pretty Face in Industry

When people think of display and exhibit aluminum truss they think of trade show booths however because of its resilience, lightweight and strength, the VersaTruss exhibit and aluminum display truss system has found its way into many applications within manufacturing facilities and automated systems that require sensors and signage for example carwashes.

In this day and age of automated systems that make our life easier, safety is always a concern. Typically these platforms that enhance our lifestyle in some way shape or form are not monitored requiring computerized sensors for safety and efficiency. For the most part these types of systems are set up in harsh environments.

Automatic carwashes rely on sensors for all movement within their confines. From the time a vehicle enters the carwash, positioning, washing, drying and exiting are all controlled by timers and sensors. Carwashes are considered extreme environments when it comes to equipment and electronic component hardiness. This includes the hardware that is used to mount this equipment. The VersaTruss Aluminum display truss system lends itself perfectly to this environment. The truss will not only withstand theses damp conditions without fail but will keep its vibrant look for years to come.

When it comes to manufacturing facilities, the applications are endless. From overhead signage and custom suspended lighting to movement sensors and enclosures. In the manufacturing industry these types of applications are perfect for the aluminum display truss system because of its weight to strength ratio and its modular capability.  When the truss is used in any of these applications, its inherent modularity allows management to change its location, shape and size on the fly. As with any industry as requirements change so can the display truss applications.

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