VersaTruss Leading the Pack at CannaCon

CannaCon is one of the world’s largest cannabis industry expo events of its kind. Just as forging into new enterprise may be fraught with unknowns, the shifting landscape of cannabis regulations may inspire anxiety. CannaCon will help you plan for contingencies and drive success through nuanced understanding of today’s most important issues, from cultivation and compliance to regulations, business and legal advice, retail insights, extraction technology, scientific and financial trends, marketing, and branding.

Upcoming 2019 CannaCom Schedule for 2019

Seattle CannaCon Thurs. Jan. 31st to Sat. Feb. 2nd 2019 at the Washington State Convention Center

Oklahoma City CannaCon Thurs. April. 18th to Fri. April 19th 2019 at the Cox Convention Center

Detroit CannaCon 2019 Fri. June 21st to Fir. June 22nd 2019 at the  COBO Center, Detroit

Springfield CannaCon 2019 Fri. Aug. 23rd to Sat. Aug 24th 2019 at the Mass Mutual Center

Like any other emerging industry, the cannabis industry is no different. Branding, trade shows, exhibitions and more are all key ingredients to be successful in any industry. In this case, the cannabis industry just took a huge turn for the better with the passing of the Us Farm Bill in Dec. 2018. You can bet within the next 12 months there will be a CannaCom in every major US city.

Once again, VersaTruss has been there from the beginning and will be there in the future providing exciting display truss trade exhibit booths for companies preparing to share their wares. Anytime a new industry emerges, you can almost guarantee that the VersaTruss product line will be there  in full force. The truss provides an eye catching modern appearance that attracts potential patrons attention from afar.

Industry Leading Aluminum Truss Systems –  VersaTruss

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