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The trade show truss business is saturated with fly by night operations. We receive on a regular basis Qualitycalls from companies that have trade show booths that were manufactured by companies that are no longer in business or do not provide an acceptable level of customer support. In some cases the booths are so poorly manufactured that they will not assemble properly.

At VersaTruss, we have taken every measure possible to ensure our customers receive a product that meets or exceeds their expectations.

With over three decades of satisfied customers, a repeat customer list that in some cases includes second generation customers and customer experience surveys that demonstrate an overall success rate of 98.7, we are confident that we are providing superior service to our customer base.

When you deal with VersaTruss, we will always “without exception” have a phone consultation with our customers before we start to build their display structure. This consultation will include a conceptual blueprint of their future structure showing all dimensions, assembly points, weight and shipping size.

After the consultation, the order is sent to our manufacturing facility. At this point, the order could take one of two directions

1) Modular Shop

2) Custom Shop

If the display is completely modular by design, we will pull pre-fabricated components from our inventory to create the display. Keep in mind, each component that is manufactured by VersaTruss “MUST” go through a number of inspection steps, including cosmetic appearance, fit check with precision jigs and fixtures and weld integrity and the boot will be fully assembled and disassembled before it is carefully packaged for shipment. In most cases this will happen the same day the booth is ordered.

If the display requires custom curves, complex angles circles etc, then it enters our precision custom shop. The truss assembly will have a manufacturing traveller attached to it insuring each step is completed and inspected. At the end of the process, once again, we will completely assemble your booth before we package it for shipment.

With all of these steps in place, VersaTruss has positioned itself to have one of the highest quality reputations in the industry.

When it comes to cost, how does VersaTruss provide such high quality products at every day low costs. It’s simple, while other companies are manufacturing product and throwing out the scrap and remaking inferior components, VersaTruss takes pride in doing right the first time, then we pass on these saving to our customer base, allowing us to ship superior products at exceptionally competitive prices.

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