VersaTruss Modular Truss Trade Show Booth System


So you just received your truss trade show booth from VersaTruss. What now? Well we suggest unpacking all of the pieces, lay them out in an open area and review the instructions. You will instantly realize how easy it is to assemble one of our modular booths. Once you have assembled the booth for the first time, you will never forget the process, it’s that easy.

Each component has been factory inspected and tested for fit, form and function. We guarantee each component will engage with its mating part smoothly and free from binding.

As you follow the assembly instructions you will notice that each component is easy to handle and lightweight.

When you originally ordered your kit, you had a choice of assembly hardware “nuts and bolts” or speed clips. The speed clips are a really nice luxury that replaces the nuts and bolts. They simply slide through the component hardware holes and lock in place in seconds.

Erecting the longer spans of truss is not as difficult as it appears at first glance. The truss uprights and cross members are much lighter and easy to handle then one would think.

To put things into prospective, one of our 10 x 10 truss trade show booths should be assembled in under 15 minutes the first time and likely under 10 minutes every time after. Because of the modular design, our 10 x 20 kit should take about the same amount of time as the 10 x 10.

In Summary: Purchasing a truss trade show booth from VersaTruss is a lifetime investment. Your new booth will give years upon yeas of service as long as it is handled correctly.

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