VersaTruss Prepares for 2020

At VersaTruss, we are always looking for ways to improve our products, customer service and efficiencies. As a company we execute a complete evaluation on our Excellenceoperations in September of every year. This evaluation is over and above our ongoing continuous improvement teams.

This annual evaluation not only includes our equipment but our facilities, advances in technological equipment, input from our employees and customer feedback. Once we have combined all of these inputs, a final recommendation package is created and reviewed.

The purpose of this effort is to not only keep our manufacturing facility in top notch condition but to improve our processes and further better our already award winning quality and customer service.

For the upcoming year we have chosen a number of initiatives that affect each and every area of our business.

One of our business areas that has demonstrated a healthy growth is larger display truss structures for example the gaming industry, where we have seen incredible growth creating room structures to house virtual reality gaming centers. With this comes a high efficiency assembly area.

Secondly we will be increasing the size of our storage facilities for our modular line-up. With the growth that we have seen over the last five years, we need to position ourselves to be able to continue providing 24 hr shipping availability on our modular truss trade show booths and modular components.

As for customer service, we have evaluated our customer service and support team and the feedback is extremely positive. Our customers like dealing with the same person day in and day out. Our existing process ensures that our customers deal with a real person and the same person day in and day out. We believe that customer relationships are important and allow us to better meet our customer base needs.

The exhibit and display truss business has evolved over the past decade. At one time our aluminum truss was for the most part exclusively used in trade show booths and exhibits. Over the proceeding 15 years, we have seen our product applications take on a whole new dimension. Over and above our traditional trade show exhibit business, we have provided marinas with launch archways, restaurants and bars with custom patio structures, lighting rails etc, golf courses are now using our truss to provide their patrons with portable kiosks and practice areas, professional sports have introduced our archways and entrance-ways for crowd control and facility aesthetics, our four cord truss has been widely adopted for start and finish lines for both major and minor race and marathon events as start and finish lines to name a few.  In addition we have seen numerous orders for our truss to be incorporated into residential accenting both indoors and out.

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With all of these new applications for our truss, we will be incorporating a monthly review of our exterior operations that will include of course our customer feedback but also will review the demand for our products and industry leading indicators. This review is intended to keep our operations proactive and ahead of the demand curve.

VersaTruss will be further fine tuning our seasonal product forecasting to ensure the right products are in our warehouse at the right time to ensure a positive customer experience.

At VersaTruss, We believe that adopting a proactive outlook on our operations, keeps us competitive and has been one of the key initiatives that has been the corner stone of our 30 year plus award winning history.

What this means for our customers is that we will continue to have the right products on hand at the right time and at the most competitive prices possible.

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