VersaTruss Stands Tall at Champions Square Providing a New Truss Archway

The Champions Square is basically a festival plaza located adjacent to the Superdome in New Orleans.  It is the leading party and tailgating space for sports events at the stadium and nearby arena. The plaza is articulated with a full-on truss-arch entryway, wayfinding towers, flags, video boards, a stage, and space for various concession stands. Extensive graphic treatments connecting with key moments in the history of the Saints combine with dynamic ambient graphics that riff on the fleur-de-lis, a symbol identified with team and the town. The entire project, from initial concepts to completion, believe it or not happened in under a month!

Verizon is the main sponsor for this tailgating party zone and just to show off their appreciation, they have erected a huge aluminum four cord archway that was manufactured by VersaTruss. This majestic structure guides the way into the party zone.

The structure itself is manufactured from the four-cord truss product line that is a manufactured and patent by VersaTruss. VersaTruss is considered a leader in the archway business with an exhaustive list of geographically pleasing structures standing tall around the world. Each one is different and, in many cases, combine curved archways and components to create a unique vision for their customers.

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As mentioned above, VersaTruss is considered one of the leading manufacturers of this style of archway for a number of reasons.

VersaTruss can create just about any configuration of truss including complex compound angles, curves and assemblies.

VersaTruss products are manufactured to stringent specifications ensuring a perfect fit for mating components and easy assembly.

The raw material is aircraft aluminum assuring a long lasting product.

Cost competitive and value yet is a superior product

Industry Leading Aluminum Truss Systems –  VersaTruss

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