VersaTruss – Takes To The Snow with a Trade Show Booth for SnowWolf

Winter will soon be upon us and that means for some of us, shoveling snow from our driveways, walkways and of course commercial plowing for our streets and throughways. Thousands of plowing companies will be in the market for new plowing equipment and it is critical that these companies present their products in the best possible way for increased sales.

SnowWolf is no exception to this rule: SnowWolf strives to design and manufacture revolutionary solutions for snow removal giving their customers a competitive edge. For them, this means professional-grade equipment that’s intelligently designed to improve the way work is performed with game-changing plowing equipment.

In this case SnowWolf felt that having their products in front of their customers where they could not only see the products up close but could touch and feel equipment was key. The also felt that creating an open space on their exhibit footprint was critical.

The solution was a modular aluminum three panel overhead sign structure. As seen in the photo’s below, this structure has a three cord display truss configuration. When assembled the framework creates a 90-degree angle with two large banner frames on each side with a smaller central frame in the middle. The beauty of this style of aluminum truss banner stand is that it is free standing requiring only 12” square feet. Not only is the style of structure easily assembled and disassembled but it can easily be increased in size:

Like SnowWolf, the VersaTruss Exhibit and Display Truss product line represents strength, longevity, great looks and second to none customer service.

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