What is the Best Trade Show Booth Style

The purpose of this article is to identify the main types of trade show display systems and identify their pros and cons.

Best Trade Show BoothsThe four main types of display foundations are:

Fabric Displays

Tabletop Displays

Collapsible Plastic / Aluminum Display Booths

Modular Display Truss Booths

Fabric Displays

Fabric displays are typically based on a panelized design where each panel is incorporated into the next creating an integrated detailed display.

Fabric displays offer a quick means to get a trade show booth up and running. Graphics are easily created and for the most part, the display is easily assembled and lightweight.

Changes to this style of display are expensive as each panel must be replaced when changes in graphics are required. Further, fabric display systems are not in any way modular, what you see is what your get. As well, fabric trade show displays are extremely dynamic and careful however they tend to show wear and tear quickly.

Panelized fabric displays are exceptionally eye appealing when they are new but are not contusive to presentation growth, modification or longevity.

Table Top Displays

If you are looking for a professional display system to brand and grow you company, steer clear of table top display systems unless they are used as part of a larger exhibit.

Tabletop displays offer lightweight and simple setup however other than adding more tabletop space modularity is limited and tends to look disconnected. Great for flea markets.

Table top displays offer simplicity but do not support  company growth, branding or a professional image.

Collapsible Displays

Collapsible display booths are simple to setup. Each component is attached to the next with either a hinge system or joint system. Keeping in mind that all of the components are connected, when the booth is moved, all of the components are moved which causes a concern when it comes to weight.

Collapsible displays are manufactured from industrial plastic or aluminum, the connecting joints and hinges wear out quickly and do not support any kind of rough treatment

The collapsible trade show booth offers great presentation opportunities and branding capability but cannot easily accommodate growth.

Modular Display Truss Displays

Modular trade show booths offer lightweight and easy assembly. Each component is manufactured from structural aluminum and can withstand extreme weather conditions and somewhat harsh handling.

Overall the modular truss trade show booth offers the best return on investment, supports growth, is easily accessorized and by far is the best way to brand a company name. Modular exhibit truss booths present exceptionally well and portray a high degree of professionalism.

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