What Is The Difference Between Good and Great Display Truss

At VersaTruss we get asked what is the difference between good display truss and great display truss.

This blog post will attempt to define what constitutes great, high quality display truss.

Before we get into details, many manufactures use sub-standard raw materials. This may seem at first glance not to make a difference and to be honest cosmetically may not be noticeable until it comes to resilience and strength. The substandard materials do not last, it will bend easily, dings and dents will quickly destroy the lustre of the display and strength over spanned truss is greatly reduced.

Now let’s take a look at the details.

Material – Like any other manufactured product the total finished product is only as good as its foundation. Using sub-standard aluminum in any display will quickly lead to disappointment and frustration. At VersaTruss, we only use high quality aircraft aluminum, unlike many of our competitors our main cord configuration is a full 2” diameter with .065”wall thickness.

Welding – Weld quality is equal in importance to the aluminum chosen in the manufacturing process. Each weld must not only be cosmetically pleasing to the eye, but proper weld penetration and smooth weld transition is a requirement to manufacturing a great truss product.

Appearance – Each truss component must be manufactured to perfection. Webbing must be paced at the proper pitch and angle using precision tooling to achieve not only a resilient product but a cosmetically appealing product.

Strength – Modularity – VersaTruss is heading into its fourth decade of existence. We guarantee that the very first piece of truss that was manufactured by VersaTruss will mate with any truss component manufactured today. Yes the tools have changed and improved over the years but our high quality product line has never changed since day one.

In conclusion quality display truss manufactured under controlled conditions will provide the user with years of exception service. With this being said, purchasing a product that is resilient will position you the user to change your display at any given time simply because your existing components can be incorporated into a new design saving money and time.


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