What’s in Store For VersaTruss in 2019

What’s in Store For VersaTruss in 2019

2018 came and went and to be honest it was another phenomenal year. Unlike other years, December is normally a slow month as clients are typically focused on Christmas preparations but 2018 was the exception to the rule. Large display booths and start / finish lines were the theme for the month leaving us fully loaded with orders heading in the Christmas week.

January like December was another usually busy month with orders coming in on a daily basis.

At VersaTruss we take a great deal of pride in our manufacturing facility. Cleanliness is mandatory, tools all have their place and keeping our equipment current and in the best possible operating condition has proven to be our mainstay for success.

Every Nov. the management team completes a full review of our equipment. Rotating our key equipment selling off our old equipment and replacing with the latest and greatest technology has enabled us to hold our position as one of the leading exhibit and display truss providers.

Remember, when a customer contacts VersaTruss, they are dealing directly with the factory. They will not see inflated product costs from middleman transactions. Our customers get the luxury of dealing directly with the factory.

VersaTruss will have two new pipe bending machines operational by the end of March. One is a replacement for an older machine, the second will increase our bending capacity as we have seen an increase in curved truss requirements in the past few years.

We will also be adding a new numeric welder to increase our welding capacity.

All of our booths are assembled in house before they are prepared for shipping. This ensures a perfect fit every time when one of our truss assemblies reaches its destination. Perfection is the name of the game. With this said, our assembly area will have a new rubberized floor installed and the walls will be retrofitted with new tooling to speed up the process and simplify pre-prep for shipping.

All in all 2019 is shaping up to be another exciting year at VersaTruss.


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