Why Do So Many People Love VersaTruss

With close to four decades of exhibit and display truss experience with a proven track record of long term customer service and support Versatruss has developed literally thousands of customer relationships over our long history in existance.

flash_slide5So many of our customers enjoy the modularity of our products. Trade show enthusiasts love the fact that their trade show booth can be re-designed on the fly. For example, owning a 20 x 20 VersaTruss exhibit booth also gives you the flexibility to reduce the food print size to a 10 x 20 or even a 10 x 10 without additional hardware. This quality alone opens the doors to many additional exhibit options that would otherwise be impossible simply because of floor space opportunities offered by trade show organizers.

When it comes to long term ruggedness and life expectancy, the VersaTruss produce line can withstand severe and unforgiving weather Winterlude Information Stands Aluminum Truss Ottawa Versa Trussconditions. For example, every year in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, during the month of February the Winderlude celebration takes place. This winter wonderland celebration boasts the longest skating rink in the world spanning 7.8 kilometres (4.8 mi) and has the equivalent surface area of 90 Olympic ice hockey rinks, ice sculptures and concerts. Versatruss has been providing display truss to this event for years.
Winterlude organizers have used our truss is so many creative ways at this amazing event including the entrance and exit archways, signage stands, podiums lighting applications and a host of other truly imaginative exhibits and displays.

When it comes to Winterlude, it is the resilience of the product that wins the race. During this month long celebration, our truss is exposed to temperatures in excess of -35. It will see, blizzard conditions, freezing rain and high winds. The truss stands up to these extreme conditions without fail.

For some applications, for example, CES “The Consumer Electronics Show” in Las Vegas, it is the modern high tech appearance of the truss that grabs the attention of exhibitors and patrons alike. Creating an exciting attention grabbing display is a breeze when your exhibit foundation is fabricated from our high quality truss.

With the ever changing focus on health in society that we have experienced in the last 30 years, the number of marathons of all lengths and A-Marathon-Start-Line-1sizes has exploded. VersaTruss is here again providing high quality start and finish lines for smallest of events to massive Boston qualifier that will literally see thousands of runners and spectators. These start / finish lines give event organizers the opportunity to post sponsor banners, manage timing equipment and custom lighting.


16657For the Miami Dolphins, it was simple, they needed a new entranceway onto the playing field in the Sun Life Stadium that could not only house the team, cheerleaders and smoke machines but it
also had to have the capacity to manage a barrage of pyrotechnics. VersaTruss stepped up and created a stunning curved archway that met all of their design expectation to a “T”


At VersaTruss we see over and above our standard trade show booths and archways so many new and exciting ideas from our customers for example:

  • Speaker stands
  • Boat launch archways
  • Docks
  • Golf courses
  • Custom lighting in heritage buildings
  • Hockey arenas
  • Crowd control structures
  • DJ Booths

Isn’t it time you experienced the VersaTruss Difference.

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