Why Use Modular Aluminum Truss for Trade Show Displays

Company branding and marketing expectations have changed drastically over the past decade. Today marketers want a simplistic, cost VersaTrusseffective marketing solution that is not only resilient but must offer the capability to be modified or updated in a moment’s notice.

Many things may have changed in the trade show business, however the one thing that has not only continued to be a constant but has continued to grow in popularity is use of modular and custom aluminum display truss for the foundation of many exhibits.

Unlike almost any other display system, modular aluminum truss display systems offer the ability to increase, decrease or reconfigure the appearance of the exhibit foundation at any given time.  In many cases existing components can be reconfigured to create a different basic shape while adding a few additional components can completely change the look and feel of your exhibit at any given time.

When it comes to assembly and disassembly, the inherent light weight of each component allows for easy handling, but the benefits do not stop there. All mating ends are precision crafted to allow for fast insertion and lock in place either by bolts or speed clips.

The implementation of accessories is an easy task as aluminum truss offers exceptional strength over long spans making it the perfect choice for lighting applications too. Everything from monitors and sound systems to graphics and products can all be easily and quickly mounted anywhere within the confines of your display booth inside and out.

Modular aluminum truss offers the flexibility to be used for a wide range of applications from kiosks, exhibit booths to lighting applications and artefact displays. Further modular truss can withstand extreme weather conditions allowing it to be used for more permanent applications for high tech signage, government building signs, bulletin stands and more.

Imagine a product so versatile that it can be used virtually for any application inside or out yet is cost effective to purchase and offers complete flexibility in design.

When it comes to custom exhibit and display truss including custom colors, Think VersaTruss

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