From start to finish, VersaTruss has you covered

From start to finish, VersaTruss has you covered. With a long history of supporting every kind of sporting event imaginable, VersaTruss has provided aluminum truss start and finish lines in just about every configuration imaginable.

8From the Indy 500 to the largest of marathons throughout the US and Canada, Versatruss will build your sporting event archway either to your specification or let our design team help you with the project.

When designing a start and finish line archway, there are a number of considerations.

  1. Foundation – Will the race archway be a permanent structure or will it be portable.
    1. In many cases numerous race events will pool their funds and purchase a larger more elaborate modular / portable truss archway.
  2. Span – What is the span of the archway, will it be the width of a single lane road or numerous lanes or possibly a custom width depending on the race configuration.
  3. Banner placement – In most cases banners are mounted on the archways for two main purposes.
    1. Identifying the official start and finish point.
    2. Sponsor banners in support of the event.
  4. Sound Systems – Will sound equipment for both announcements and music be required.
  5. Lighting – Will the race be held in between duck and dawn requiring LED lighting.
  6. Electronic Timing Equipment – Will the event have electronic timing devices that will measure each individual race participants performance
  7. Security – With the recent increase in race security requirements, will security monitoring equipment be required.

Taking all of these points into consideration, your new race start line is only a phone call away. Versatruss will help you through the process, providing professional advice, seamless design, prompt delivery and support.

When it comes to Exhibit and Display Truss, nobody does it better than VersaTruss

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