Versatruss system components are augmented by standard accessories that can enhance your design.

Truss Parts and Accessories
  • 1 – Coupler: ½ coupler with eyelet.
  • 2 – Coupler: swivel double coupler.
  • 3 – Coupler: 90 double coupler.
  • 4 – Coupler: ½ coupler.
  • 5 – 1” Insert: used to connect one truss to another.
  • 6 – 2” Insert: used to connect one truss to another.
  • 7 – End Caps: black plastic end caps are used to finish off trusses.
  • 8 – Graphic Clip: stainless steel clips are available for attaching graphic panels, signage, or small lighting fixtures to the truss.
  • 9 – Quick Clip: a zinc plated quick release clip that can be used to replace the nut and bolt assembly to facilitate quick installation and dismantling. Watch this video for a demonstration (View Video Below)
  • 10 – Heavy Duty Brace: single tube with half couplers welded to each end to be used in more structural situations.
  • 11 – Extender: A set of swivel castings are used to connect different cross sections of truss (example ladder truss to triangular truss)
  • 12 – Single Tube Brace: braces can be used to increase structural rigidity, or to accommodate the mounting of graphics/panels.
  • 13 – Hookset: part of braces.
  • Reinforcing Collar: these are welded to the end of the tubes to supply additional reinforcement.
  • Television/Monitor Mounts: mounts available for televisions or monitors with the option to clamp to vertical or horizontal truss.
  • Base Plates: ¼” thick aluminum base plates are commonly used at the bottom of a leg of truss to increase stability and to secure trusses to a wide variety of surfaces.