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The PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo and VersaTruss

PDN PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo is a great place to not only see the latest and greatest photography products and features but is also an excellent platform to see the detail and quality of the VersaTruss Modular Display Truss product line. The PDN PhotoPlu International Conference offers over 100 conference seminars for 2020 at… Read more »

Trade Show Booths and Structures for Outdoor Display / Exhibit Applications

Trade Show Booths and Structures for Outdoor Display / Exhibit Applications Trade shows that are typically held outside and retailers that also have outdoor displays love the VersaTruss product line for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the modular truss system manufactured by VersaTruss can withstand extremely harsh weather conditions. High winds, rain, sleet,… Read more »

VersaTruss – Your Leading Display Truss Manufacturer

From the organization looking to create a business structure for trade shows or lobby exhibits to the athletic organizations that are in need of a start / finish line and even the modern landscaper, VersaTruss has so much to offer. For the trade show enthusiast, our modular truss system will simplify your life. For small… Read more »

Simplicity at its Finest VersaTruss

Over thirty years ago VersaTruss developed their modular truss configuration that included two, three and four cord truss. This famous configuration has withstood the test of time and is still to this day considered the industry standard. If you were to take the very first display truss component that we manufactured so many years ago,… Read more »

North America Made to Display Truss

From the far reaches of North, South, East and West USA to coast to coast in Canada,  VersaTruss provides their modular and custom display truss products to their customer base. A conjunction of factors and economic developments lies behind rising transportation costs for the valued customers of VersaTruss. At the center of today’s transport challenges are… Read more »

Trade Show Booths to Go

We have been asked year after year- How can VersaTruss manufacture the highest quality commercial grade display truss at such low prices? At VersaTruss, we have been creating modular truss trade show booths, exhibits, lighting truss and kiosks for over three (3) decades. Our processes have been streamlined and optimized positioning our manufacturing facility to… Read more »

Trade Show Truss Systems

When it comes to Modular Trade Show Truss Systems, VersaTruss has been the industry leader for over three decades. VersaTruss perfected the modular display truss concept many years ago, and has a long list of happy repeat customers to prove it. We guarantee that any modular component that is purchased today will fit into any… Read more »

A Modern Look for Manufacturing Facilities

Aluminum display and exhibit truss has come a long way over the years. Over the past decade modular display truss has evolved from its traditional home at trade show and exhibitions to a host of new applications that extend from start and finish lines at some of the biggest sporting events worldwide to residential applications for… Read more »

Exhibit and Display Truss for Custom Trade Show Booths

Imagine having the ability to virtually create any configuration of trade show exhibit booth that cannot only withstand the weight of large signage and accessories but also offers a cost effective solution that can be expanded at any given time. Aluminum display and exhibit truss offers all of these fundamental characteristics. In most cases custom… Read more »

VersaTruss – Not just another pretty face in the Aluminum Truss Business

  VersaTruss is not just another pretty face in the trade show exhibition booth business. With over 30 years experience manufacturing custom and modular aluminum truss trade show booths, the sky is the limit when it comes to design. Choose from one of our standard designs with all of the required components or team with… Read more »