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VersaTruss – Your Leading Display Truss Manufacturer

From the organization looking to create a business structure for trade shows or lobby exhibits to the athletic organizations that are in need of a start / finish line and even the modern landscaper, VersaTruss has so much to offer. For the trade show enthusiast, our modular truss system will simplify your life. For small… Read more »

The Fatal Error for First Time Trade Show Enthusiasts

At VersaTruss, our business is providing truss trade show booths for the exhibit industry. With almost four decades of business history, you might say we might have a little bit more experience than the average person on the street. Time and time again, we see new companies, typically smaller companies contacting us for their trade… Read more »

Portable Truss Trade Show Booths

Companies very rarely take part in only one trade show per year. Statistics show on average most companies take part in a minimum of four shows within a twelve month timeframe with many exceeding twenty per year. The simple reason for this is that company branding, repetitive product presentation and availability is critical for businesses… Read more »