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Easy Fit Display Truss

What does the term, “Easy Fit Display Truss” mean, well it means exactly how it sounds? If you are one of those unlucky people that decided to try an overseas manufacturer and struggle to assemble your display time and time again, and as the days turn into weeks then moths it gets more difficult to… Read more »

Trade Show Truss is for Ever

When you think of a trade show from an exhibitor point of view, there are so many options on the market today yet one always stands out above the rest and that is display truss or commonly called exhibit truss. You would be hard pressed to find a trade show or conference that does not… Read more »

Warrior Athletics Ninja Gym Aluminum Truss

VersaTruss has once again been awarded a contract for another Warriors Ninja Gym. This relatively new application for the VersaTruss exhibit and display truss line clearly displays the versatility of this exclusive product. We at VersaTruss are honored to take part in providing our truss to further advance the health of our children in such… Read more »

BWDSYSTEMS LTD Finds a New Application for the Versatruss Lineup

At VersasTruss, after all these years in business, we still get pleasantly surprised when someone comes up with a new application for our truss products. BWDSYSTEMS LTD is one of our customers that came up with a new concept for our lightweight aluminum truss. BWDSYSTEMS LTD is a leading-edge computer services company that provides services… Read more »

VersaTruss Helps Open the New Maine Savings Pavilion at Rock Row

We would like to introduce you to the Maine Savings Pavilion at Rock Row. This pavilion is a brand-new outdoor concert venue sponsored by Waterfront Concerts and VersaTruss was there for the opening day. The 8,200 capacity Maine Savings Pavilion at Rock Row features a significantly larger stage than previously existed in Southern Maine, with… Read more »

VersaTruss – A Journey to Success

VesaTruss is one of those success stories that everyone likes to hear. Back in 1991, display truss was for the most part a twinkle in a young  entrepreneur eye. There were a few custom-made displays floating around but they were manufactured out of steel, were heavy and to be honest not necessarily pleasing to the… Read more »


We have all been to a trade shows, strolling down the aisles passing trade show booth after trade show booth that offer no excitement, no inspiration and worst of all obviously very little thought was put into the presentation of these booths. With so many boring booths at trade shows, its not hard to stand… Read more »

The Big Industry Show and VersaTruss

Shop owners, managers and purchasers from across the US flock to the BIG Industry Show held at the Miami Beach Convention Center on Aug. 22nd and 23rd to catch a glimpse of the latest and most innovative products hitting the market. This fantastic show features 2 days of solid business retail opportunities.  The BIG Industry… Read more »

VersaTruss Brings Excellence To The Promotional Table

When it comes to aluminum lightweight modular display truss, VersaTruss has always been one of the leading providers of this incredibly versatile product line. For over thirty years, yes three decades we have provided the trade show and exhibit industry modular display truss in every configuration imaginable. We have had the pleasure of partnering with… Read more »