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Build an Amazing Trade Show Booth on a Small Budget

Truly amazing trade show booths that can compete with larger organizations can be accomplished on a relatively small budget. The first thing to do is purchase a tradeshow truss exhibit. A typical quality 10 x 10 trade show booth can be purchased in the neighbourhood of $2000.00. Considering the potential return on investment this is… Read more »

Automotive Trade Shows and VersaTruss

If you are into motor sports of any kind than you have to be familiar with the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo. The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo or more commonly known as the  (AAPEX) show has been the premier event featuring global aftermarket auto parts industry. Basically, a showcase of products like automotive lighting systems, sound… Read more »

Original Truss Archway at the SOBEWFF by VersaTruss

Not that long ago, we had posted an article about a new Archway that had been manufactured and delivered to  The Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival “SOBEWFF” for 2019. This entrance archway as seen to the left was a large square truss structure that was built for the new… Read more »

Nebraska Gets a new Entrance For the 2019 State Fair

Nebraska State Fair Entracneway

VersaTruss is no stranger to manufacturing aluminum truss entrance ways for extremely large events. As a matter of fact we have created custom truss entrances and exits for just about every public venue imaginable from NHL hockey arenas and CFL football stadiums to NASCAR and Indy 500 race tracks. We have even built national Drone… Read more »

VersaTruss Stands Tall at Champions Square Providing a New Truss Archway

The Champions Square is basically a festival plaza located adjacent to the Superdome in New Orleans.  It is the leading party and tailgating space for sports events at the stadium and nearby arena. The plaza is articulated with a full-on truss-arch entryway, wayfinding towers, flags, video boards, a stage, and space for various concession stands…. Read more »

VersaTruss at the Center of Things at Homestead Miami Speedway

VersaTruss has a long history supporting the National and International auto racing sport on all fronts. From building structures for timing lights in the drag race industry to winner podiums, tents and entrance archways for the Formula / NASCAR series and everything in between. Lets take a look at a relatively new project that VersaTruss… Read more »

Easy Fit Display Truss

What does the term, “Easy Fit Display Truss” mean, well it means exactly how it sounds? If you are one of those unlucky people that decided to try an overseas manufacturer and struggle to assemble your display time and time again, and as the days turn into weeks then moths it gets more difficult to… Read more »

Trade Show Truss is for Ever

When you think of a trade show from an exhibitor point of view, there are so many options on the market today yet one always stands out above the rest and that is display truss or commonly called exhibit truss. You would be hard pressed to find a trade show or conference that does not… Read more »

Warrior Athletics Ninja Gym Aluminum Truss

VersaTruss has once again been awarded a contract for another Warriors Ninja Gym. This relatively new application for the VersaTruss exhibit and display truss line clearly displays the versatility of this exclusive product. We at VersaTruss are honored to take part in providing our truss to further advance the health of our children in such… Read more »