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Trade Show Display Products We Carry

Versatruss is a lightweight, structural, modular aluminum truss system. Its portability and durability make Versatruss ideal for tradeshow booths, exhibits, displays, and many lighting and staging applications.
Versatruss is available in two, three, or four chord configurations, and a variety of sizes.

Versatruss Tradeshow Display Trusses

Tradeshow displays are how you make an impression on your target audience. This impression may be a good one or a not-so-favorable one depending on your tradeshow display.

A tradeshow display lighting truss can make you look polished, professional, and stand out while a lesser quality display lighting truss can make you look like an amateur operation. Professional truss systems make all the difference in how people respond at trade shows.

What Makes A Good Display?

A good display at a trade show is a combination of factors. The right lighting plays a clear role in making a good impression, which means a quality lighting truss is essential. Your kiosk design, banner frames, and space frames all weigh in on the final effect your trade show display has. A good display has all of the elements working together, and it all begins with quality aluminum exhibits truss systems.

Why Is Versatruss The Product Line For You?

Versatruss takes all of your needs into account and provides you with quality products at affordable prices. You will find that our trusses make for displays that are easy to put together, lightweight and portable. If you are heading from one trade show to the next, these are highly attractive features.

Tradeshow displays help you to show people what you are all about. Versatruss display products help you to represent yourself to the audience. A good trade show display can get you all the right attention.

Ninja Gym Set Up

Trusses for VR and Ninja Gyms