Trade Show Season is Upon Us

This years Trade Show Season is well on its way. The industry is ramping up for spring home shows, marine, auto, electronic shows and a host of other industries looking to release the latest and greatest products and models. Even the military and counter terror expos are ready for companies to present their latest defence products hoping to create a wave of interest and new business opportunities for their respective companies.

It is unfortunate however that many of these organizations who rely on trade shows and expos to get 12_opttheir products in the hands of the public miss out on massive opportunities by selling themselves short when it comes to presentation an style.

Large corporations choose to use simple tables and benches to display their products and wonder why, the new kid on the block has a crowd surrounding his or her exhibit.

Unless you are selling the fastest boat or the latest model of Ferrari, you can rest assured if your trade show presentation falls short in comparison to your competitors you are not doing yourself any favors and in fact destroying the reputation of your company.

Be sure that no magazine writer or television interviewer is going to waste their time on a trade show display that falls short in comparison.

This is a fatal trap that so many companies fall into and never seem to understand why they don’t experience the same growth as their competitors.

No matter how big or how small your company is, it is critical that your presentation is current, 124_optmodern and presents with precision detail.

It is such an easy task to achieve a professional display with a relatively small price tag in comparison to the potential gains. Any exhibitor that takes advantage of display truss structures and exhibits will tell you that it was the best investment they ever made.

A trade show booth that uses aluminum truss as its foundation will look spectacular for years. The advantage of the truss is that your main structure can stay the same year after year, yet look completely different simply by changing the banner signage, accessories and product organization.

Let’s take a closer look at this practice. Many patrons attend the same marine or boat show year Boat-Show_optafter year. They will enter their favorite boat manufacturer’s exhibit simply because of the new products, new signage and relatively different placement of products, yet the company is actually housing their presentation under the same truss exhibit structure year after year, but nobody notices. As far as the customers are concerned, it looks like a brand new display.

If you look at Nikon for example, they have been using truss exhibit structures for years, yet their Trussexhibit looks totally different simply by reconfiguring their structure. To prove this point, do a search on Google images for “Nikon Trade Show Booths” you will notice that all of these exhibits are truss structures but look completely different yet the same truss is used with new individual components and signage.

For the small company, this rule also stands true. If you were lucky enough to start your trade show exhibit with aluminum truss in the first place your investment will hold true and give you many years of exhibit pleasure yet you can change the look at any given time.

For those who haven’t experienced the advantages and professional appearance of a truss trade show booth or exhibit, Isn’t it time to take your exhibit presentation to the next level and enjoy the freedom and versatility that a truss trade show booth offers at a surprisingly economical prices.


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