Truss Start and Finish Line Archways

The VersaTruss modular truss system is simply the most versatile and convenient cost effect solution for race event start and finish lines.
VersaTruss offers light weight structures for both modular and custom applications to create the perfect assembly for mounting sponsor banners and signage. Our truss start and finish lines assemble quickly and easily creating an exciting visual effect for any racing event.
Truss race event archways provide the means to easily mount timing equipment, lighting for nighttime events, instructional signage, sponsor banners and more. Unlike all other event finish line structures, aluminum truss will never fail or breakdown. Its inherent modular design allows race event organizers to easily increase the size or modify the structural appearance of the assembly simply and easily year after year.
Manufactured from structural aluminum, your truss start or finish line not only makes an exciting visually appealing center piece for spectators but also doubles as a promotional –
structure at conventions and trade shows for advertising your upcoming race events.
In addition many regions will purchase one large modular truss archway and allow numerous charity events to use the structure but reduce its size depending on the size of the event.
The VersaTruss archway system has many applications from marathons of all types to auto racing and sporting event theme parks. The applications are endless. In addition the VersaTruss system not only is cosmetically appealing but is extremely resilient to harsh weather conditions allowing it to also be used as a permanent structure for everything from go-kart parks and NASCAR parks to permanent event entrances and exits.
If your looking for the perfect cost effective solution for your start and finish line requirements that will not only create and exciting visual effect for your onlookers, but will provide a professional safe means for adding accessories and options than look no further than the VersaTruss modular of custom truss start and finish line system.


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