Trusses for VR and Ninja Gyms

Ninja Gym Set Up

Versatruss has recently entered the world of Ninja Gym truss structures in this ever-growing industry. Selling ninja truss structure to companies such as American Ninja, Next Level Arena, Warrior Athletics Park and Upward Ninja.

Over the past 5-10 years this industry has seen steady growth, as it has become a popular addition to many activity centers, and Athletic centers.  It continues to grow and becomes a more sought-after addition to many facilities.


As technology continues to expand in every market place. This is a true also in the gaming industry in the form of Virtual Reality gaming. In addition to being able to purchase VR head sets for personal enjoyment, this industry is expanding to arcades and entertainment venues. Versatruss for the last 5 years has been involved in designing and building truss for virtual reality set ups for a variety of venues.

We have been producing and designing several structures for companies such as: Meta 4 Games, and VR Distributions. This is a market that is going to continue to grow exponentially over next decade. Here at Versatruss, we has been very happy to be part of the growth of this market in designing truss for structures to be used in portable and permanent VR studios.

Call us if you are in the market of for either VR or Ninja gym truss structure set ups, and we will be very happy to answer any of your questions!