VersaTruss and the TELUS Sparks Science Center

The TELUS Sparks Science Center is a colorful energized masterpiece that is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This sensationally inspiring center opened in its current location in 2011, It took over 25 years for anyone to come up with a new idea for a science center in Canada and TELUS was the leading contender. Believe it or not this exhibit building houses the largest dome theatre in western Canada attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors a year and launching blockbuster shows. The technology and concepts displayed within the walls of this beautiful structure have the power to changes lives and open new doors in the world of science, technology and innovation.

The one thing you can count on when it comes to TELUS is that they are always looking for latest and greatest leading edge technologies for their center, there appetite  for the most futuristic  atmosphere and  environmentally friendly  footprint is inconceivable. When it comes to their office corridors even  these regions are built with the need for a futuristic clean appearance.

In the photo above, you can see the where the VersaTruss four cord truss lineup was used to create an extremely modern appearance for an otherwise normal hallway. Not only does the truss offer a truly futuristic appearance but it provides plenty of opportunity for customization.  The truss  itself is from the VersaTruss display truss category. It provides the perfect venue for mounting displays, changing lighting and creating elaborate atmospheres that are only limited by ones imagination.

In this particular case, the truss structure uses black fabric socks on the uprights to create a stunning contrast between glimmering beauty of the truss itself and its surroundings.

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