Take A Tour Through a Projection Tunnel

Projection tunnels are becoming extremely popular for entry ways to cinemas, trade shows and cooperate entrances.

Walking thought one of these tunnels is a perception-altering experience.  An individual is instantly transformed into a situation where their whole body is immersed by an effect; where  all of their senses are enveloped fully including visual, sound, feel and in many cases smell.

The design of these tunnels is only limited by your imagination.

The tunnels themselves work by using a predetermined number of projectors, a minimum of three per side and state of the art blending software that wraps the video seamlessly throughout the tunnel.

VersaTruss is proud to  be one of the main manufacturers of the aluminum framework that is used as the foundation for these amazing structures. Two-inch aluminum tubing is used to create the archways. The tunnels themselves can be curved, square or octagonal.

The length of the tunnel is only limited by the projection capability. After a truss structure is purchased for a tunnel design, its length can easily be extended by adding more sections offering a limitless size capability.

Take a Stroll Through the Constellation Tunnel

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